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Kendra Graham

Personal Training, Sports Performance Coach

Kendra has her Master’s Degree in Kinesiology with a Biomechanics specialization from the University of Rhode Island, and her BS in Exercise Science also from the University of Rhode Island. Kendra has a specialization in shoulder injury detection, rehabilitation and prevention from her experiences working with semi-professional, professional and amateur baseball players at a biomechanics facility in Pennsylvania and her research with swimmers in the biomechanics lab at URI. 

She was a Division 1 swimmer at URI and has experience coaching swimmers at all levels. Kendra has been training athletes of all ages for over 6 years in the weight room and enjoys helping them achieve their goals. 

She loves to see her clients have fun at the gym and get excited when they accomplish feats they never thought possible. Kendra is excited to aid everyone at the Adirondack Club in having a fun, safe and productive time while they train!

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