Cleaning practices at The Adirondack Club have always been structured around keeping our members healthy. The products that we use are specifically chosen for efficacy against a wide range of issues. In keeping with our commitment to a healthy environment and facility, we are taking proactive measures to combat the threat presented by the Coronavirus. 





1.     We are using our in-house steam cleaning equipment daily to non-chemically steam-clean the Children’s Center and other areas that may prove sensitive to chemical applications.


2.     We are providing disposable sanitizing wipes in conveniently located dispensers throughout the work out areas of the Club. We have upgraded from our wellness wipes to a sanitizing wipe and have added more dispenser locations.


3.     We are providing hand sanitizer in conveniently located dispensers throughout the Club.


4.     Our staff and cleaning company use a neutral disinfectant spray certified to kill Coronavirus daily. This spray is applied frequently to equipment and surfaces throughout the facility during operational hours.


5.     We are continuing daily utilization of a hospital grade surface disinfectant on all floors and other hard surfaces called Quat-Stat 5. This disinfectant is approved for killing Coronavirus and is utilized by both our overnight cleaning contractor and on-site day cleaning staff.






The single most effective way to combat the Coronavirus is to wash your hands with hot water and soap as often as possible. We have restrooms located throughout the facility to aid in this practice and we encourage everyone to use them.


We also urge you to both pre-wipe and post-wipe all equipment used during your workouts. This includes mats, machines, kettlebells, dumbbells, etc.


And, if you or your children are sick, please stay home! 


We are committed to playing a proactive role to mitigate the spread of Covid-19 and will remain vigilant regarding procedural updates. Your support is necessary and will greatly aid us in providing a healthy environment for our community. Thank you!



CDC Covid-19 Website Link

COVID-19 Precautions

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