Virtual Performance Training and Online Program Design

At The Adirondack Club

Virtual Performance Training

We are excited to continue to offer high level coaching and programing to your athletes. The only thing that has changed is the vehicle in which we deliver our program to your athletes.


We know leaving it up to the athlete to get it done on their own has a very low success rate. There are very few athletes out there that have the mindset to go out and train on their own. 

Our program is here to support your athlete by giving them a schedule and structure to their training. 

Our training sessions are designed with the athletes needs in mind not just mash ups of body weight exercises to make them sweat. 

Our coaches are here to motivate, inspire, keep your athlete moving while making the process fun.

Don’t let this time go to waste. Keep your athlete game ready when their sports starts back up again.


In our virtual training program your athlete will have access to: 

  • Live 45min training sessions

    • Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

    • Middle School 2:30-3:15pm

    • High School 3:30-4:15pm

  • Access to training sessions recordings and program

  • Extra training sessions

    • Your athlete will have access to speed and agility training programs with video in between live sessions.

  • Expert Coaching

    • We have 2 coaches in each training session to maximize results via technique correction and motivation.

  • No Equipment Needed

    • All you need a 6x6 space, access to zoom, and to work hard.


Program starts Monday May 2nd. Join by May 8th and get this program for $99 a month (regular rate $119). 


Have training sessions on your account or paid for our spring session already? No problem we can transfer any fees you paid toward the cost of this program. 


Below are the registration links for tomorrow's program. Come experience the difference for free. 

Email Colin McCullough, to enroll, with questions, or to try a free training session today. 

Train In Our New Performance Facility!