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The Nutrition Breakthrough You’ve Been Looking For…
FINALLY! A Nutrition Solution To Lose Weight, Maximize Health, And Have Tons Of Energy...

...That Doesn’t Require Counting Calories, Points, Or Macros And NEVER Relies On Will-Power or Motivation.

Plus, You Get To Eat Delicious Tasting Foods That Even Your Pickiest Family Members Will Enjoy!

From the Desk of: Colin McCullough, Fitness Director

RE: nutritionOS


Dear Friend,


If you’re like me and most of my clients you’ve tried just about every diet under the sun at one point or another… 


You might even be on one right now…


How has that worked out for you so far?


Lose weight, gain weight, lose weight, gain weight?


Forever riding the weight loss rollercoaster?


Yeah, been there and done that.


Not to mention, dieting just sucks!


I don’t care if it’s the ultrastrict boring and bland food low-fat diet or the eat all the tasty greasy fat-filled foods you love (but don’t touch those evil carbs) diet or any of the myriad of diets in between…


They all pretty much bite.


And, none of them are sustainable … unless you’re ok eliminating an entire food group for the rest of your life, which is just completely unnecessary and foolish.


Let’s not even get into all the misinformation out there…


"Are eggs the best source of nutrition ever or will they kill you if you eat more than one?"


"Are sugar and chemical-filled breakfast cereals really better than grass-fed meat?"


Oh, brother! ;-b

NEWSFLASH: You can find a study proving every side of everything. And, Big Food and Big Pharma don’t care one bit about your health and well-being, just their bottom line!

The TRUTH is, if you take out all the interested parties and just get down to the REAL TRUTH, the actual nutrition science, it just isn’t that complicated.


But that’s not enough.


I mean, let’s get real for a moment…


Everyone pretty much knows, at least at the most basic level, what good nutrition is, right?


Don’t eat junk food. Eat plenty of veggies. Drink less alcohol and more water.


Hell, if most people just did that, they’d lose weight and feel better!


We don’t even need to get into the arguments about carbs or animal vs plant proteins…


So, why is eating “healthy” so hard?


Well, for one, it’s not about the food!


I mean, don’t get me wrong, you’ve gotta eat the right food…


But, before you can get there, you’ve got to actually want to eat the right food, feel good about eating the right food, and even crave the right food…


And, THAT my friend, is much deeper than downloading another meal plan to follow and a bunch of recipes to try!


Fortunately, I’ve got you covered with...

As the name suggests, nutritionOS is the nutrition operation system (OS) that we’ll be “installing” into the clients who participate in this one-of-a-kind 8-week coaching program…

“Like computer operating systems, nutritionOS is flexible in its application because it’s built on a core set of scientific and psychological principles. 

 This duo of science and psychology is essential for empowering people to improve their health and achieve their goals.”

 - Dr. Mike Roussell, PhD, creator of nutritionOS

You see, people don’t stick with good nutrition because that’s not the “operating system” they’re running…


It’s no wonder they’re always riding that weight loss roller coaster and keep jumping from one diet to the next looking for the one that “works.”


Even with the best program they still won’t have long-term success. They’ll always find a way to self-sabotage BECAUSE THAT’S PART OF THEIR CURRENT OPERATING SYSTEM!


Can you relate?

NutritionOS is all about science, results, and your safety.

  • No more guesswork about what to eat

  • No more crazy claims from food companies

  • No more bogus celebrity-backed diets

And the science says that the right plan can accelerate your results by as much as 30%.

Who is Dr. Mike Roussell?

Dr. Mike is the creator of nutritionOS, and to put it bluntly, he is a nutrition badass!


Just take a look at his bio:


So, yeah, he’s pretty qualified!

And, most important to me…

He gets RESULTS!


That’s why I’m so proud to partner with him and share nutritionOS with you.

"Who Else Wants To Ditch The Fad Diets And Finally Lose The Weight (And Keep It Off) With A Simple Plan That Eliminates All The Confusion About Eating And Health?"

Here's How It Works:

With Nutritional OS, we combine ALL of the factors involved in eating that work together to accelerate your progress and get you results and allow you to maintain those results for a lifetime - and we do it in just 8 short weeks.

  • 8 Weekly Coaching Sessions - We will coach you through the successful, effective, and easy-to-follow curriculum developed by Dr. Mike Roussell.

  • The weekly coaching lessons will be deliver to your inbox and the ADK training app with all the handouts you need and you can watch when its convenient for you.

  • Discover the “6 Pillars of Nutrition” so you can stop getting caught up in the latest fad diets and instead focus on a few simple rules that will dramatically improve your results, build your confidence, and have you finally feeling in control of your food choices.

  • Develop both nutrition “know-how” and nutrition “do-how” which means you can finally stick to the good nutrition habits that produce the body transformation results you desire.

  • ​Learn how to bust through plateaus by overcoming their two main causes…

  • ​Understand the “health ecosystem” you live in and how to optimize it for the best results.

  • ​Unlock the secret to getting your friends and family on board with and supportive of your weight loss and health goals. This is HUGE!

  • ​Gain the knowledge and confidence to navigate any restaurant menu so you never have to choose between eating out and “staying on a diet” again.

  • ​With printable handouts every week, you’ll accumulate a living textbook throughout the course of the program … resources you can come back to whenever you need a refresher.

  • ​Enjoy delicious, easy-to-cook recipes that you and your family will love!


Nutrition OS will knock down every obstacle that has stood in your path before when it comes to diet & weight loss to ensure you reach your goals once and for all!

Plus, through the entire 8 weeks, you’re never alone…


Plus, through the entire 8 weeks, you’re never alone…

You’ll have access to your coach through the ADK Training app with text messaging!

We will keep you on track throughout the week between coaching sessions, and it’s a simple way to get your questions answered when they pop up.

The Premier Nutrition Coaching Program!

As you can see, nutritionOS is the most comprehensive short-term nutrition COACHING program ever developed.  It’s THE premier nutrition education, accountability, and support solution in the industry…


NutritionOS lays the ultimate foundation for your long-term nutrition success!


That's why I first start with a FREE Discovery Call.


This is your chance to learn more about the program and what it takes to be successful, and, quite frankly, it's my chance to see if I think we'll be a good fit.


So, if you’re ready to totally transform the way you look & feel – and dramatically increase your energy and confidence over the next 8 weeks - book your FREE Discovery Call NOW!




Dedicated To Your Success,

Colin McCullough

Fitness Director

The Adirondack Club


P.S. - I asked Dr. Mike to share some FUN FACTS about himself. Check these out:

  • He is the global ambassador for the American Pistachios Growers meaning that he’s the primary 'science' person for their marketing materials across the globe as well as supporting the development of their research programs.

  • He worked on some of the content in the Four Hour Chef for Tim Ferris.  

  • ​He holds the record for the longest-running column at Shape Magazine.

  • ​At one point in time, he had weekly columns at and while also monthly features/columns in both Men's Health and Muscle & Fitness Magazine.

  • ​Quest Nutrition once hired him to launch their birthday cake-flavored protein bar on 30 different TV shows.

  • ​When he used to do Executive Nutrition/Wellness (where he would quarterback the nutrition and wellness for technology executives), he had an executive client whom he ordered/managed every meal he ate across the globe (he did that for him for 3 years!!!).


Yeah, Dr. Mike is a pretty interesting guy and he’s got a TON of experience and expertise…


Now you can see why I trust him as a nutrition partner for my clients.  


And, now I’ll never be able to eat another pistachio again without thinking of him. :-)


Author, speaker, and nutritional consultant - is known for transforming complex nutritional concepts into practical nutritional habits for long-lasting health.


Dr. Mike’s robust academic background coupled with his broad range of experience from consulting with pharmaceutical companies and food companies, top-rated fitness facilities, and individual clients that include NGA all-stars, Hollywood Stars, and Silicon Valley Executives give him the unique ability and experience to translate scientific findings into relevant and actionable strategies.


Dr. Mike has published over 600 articles on health and nutrition, and he’s appeared in over 200 TV segments as a nutrition expert. In addition, Dr. Mike has authored and/or served as the consulting nutritionist for 10 books.

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