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Thank you for your interest in the Field House; our newest space designed to provide a variety of services to our members and community.


Personal and small group training has become a service with significant growth and opportunity. It is this opportunity and its impact on our business that prompted the development of our Field House concept. We have made a significant financial investment and are excited to be bringing this area to you. 


The Field House is made up of two spaces, the Cage and the Field.


The Cage is for exclusive use by our trainers/ coaches and their private, semi-private and small-group clients. Visit our training page to find out how you can take advantage of this new space.


The turf field is designed for member use out side of club programming and rentals. Below you will find the current schedule of times the Field is open to members at no charge.


If you are interested in learning more about our programming, click here. For turf rental inquiries, please contact Colin McCullough here.

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Adult Fitness

Sports Performance (Youth through High School)

Team Training & Workouts 

In-House Specialty Programming

Rental of the Turf Field

... and more!

*Subject to change do to club programming and turf rental click button above to for most up to date availability


*Open turf times is when our turf may be available to use. Availability is subject to change without notice.

Fitness and sports performance, club programming and rentals will have priority in the space.



Any equipment brought on the field must be returned to its original location by the user


Members using the field must adhere to the posted schedule of open usage time

 Only members accompanied by their trainer/coach are permitted in the cage

No beverages other than water permitted in the Field House 

No spitting permitted anywhere in the Field House

No gum permitted in the Field House

No foul language will be tolerated in the Field House

508.541.1400 x204

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