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Below you will find the descriptions for all the Group Exercise Classes we offer by category and then by alphabetical order. Please note that we are not currently running all that are listed in order to see the most current schedule please visit our Group Exercise Schedule.

Some descriptions may not match our formats and layouts of some classes which have been adjusted to offer classes in the safest manner we can while offering a our high-quality classes 



20/20/20: Start your workout with 20 mins of cardio. Next spend 20 mins targeting the major muscle groups of the upper and lower body by using dumbbells with bodyweight exercises Finish with 20 mins focused on your core and stretching.

BODYPUMP™: The original Les Mills BODYPUMP™ barbell class will sculpt, tone, & strengthen your entire body, fast! This workout challenges all your major muscle groups by using the best weight-room exercises like squats, presses, lifts, & curls.

BUILD & BURN: A full body work out that includes weight lifting rounds to build strength! Stations will  be used to burn out a muscle group and get the  heartrate up The workout ends with more steady weightlifting and an active stretch and recovery. 

CARDIO/STRENGTH: Full body workout to help improve cardiovascular health and muscular strength, High energy. Fun! Perfect for everyone. 

EXPRESS CIRCUIT: A 30-minute express class on the Deck

HIIT/CORE: 30 min. of High Intensity Cardio blocks followed by 30 min. of CORE. 

P90X LIVE™: Total body strength class that includes cardio, lower, upper body, & core. P90X is fun, challenging, & for all levels.

RAMPED UP: You will work in groups, with partners and by yourself. Most exercises are ramp up sets which will increase power and strength in your lifts. Free weights, med balls, bands, and gliders will all be used. Modifications provided, all levels welcomed! 

RAISE THE BARRE: A complete workout focusing on posture alignment and intervals of small, isometric movements for sculpted, longer, and leaner physiques. Using both aerobic and strength training for continuous individual results combines modification and equipment for of all levels.

SCULPT: Total Body Strength Class targeting each muscle group. This class will involve Lower Body, Upper Body and Core blocks. Light, medium and heavy weights along with bands and gliders will be used to sculpt and tone your body. 

SIMPLY FIT: This class utilizes simple, low-impact, aerobic choreography, resistance training & mind/body techniques to deliver a total body workout. Perfect for anyone new or returning exercise, or looking for a class that takes it back to the basics.

SHRED: Total Body Power Class. This class will be a combination of strength and power blocks. AMRAPS, EMOMS, HIGH ENERGY and FUN!

SoulFUSION: This class involves yoga-inspired flows, cardio bursts to boost your heart rate, balance sequences that will crush your core. A combination of weights and bands are used to sculpt and tone your muscles.

SWEAT AND STRENGTHEN: Let’s go back in time, before burpees and plyometrics. 45 minutes of moving to music. Perhaps even a step class once in a while. Afterward, 15 minutes of core work. Perfect for ALL ages!

TOTAL BODY BLAST: Cardio/weight interval class. We'll get you moving with kickboxing, step and strength. The class will finish with core training for a complete workout. All levels welcome!

ZUMBA®: This Latin inspired dance fitness program fuses national and international rhythms. Anything from Salsa, Merengue, Cumbia, Reggaeton, and many other rhythms will have you participating in the BEST PARTY IN TOWN!

Cardio & Strength


CANDLE LIT SLOW FLOW: Relax, unwind, and let go after a busy day. Enjoy a soothing slow flow and restorative yoga practice by candlelight. Begin with a slower-paced Vinyasa practice, moving with attention to the breath and alignment, and then settle into stillness with restorative and yin postures. Let tension and stress melt away, and leave feeling recharged and renewed.

HATHA YOGA: Hatha promotes balance, flexibility, strength, and relaxation through various asanas and breathing techniques. This class aims to clear the mind, improve concentration, enhance your overall well-being, and experience inner peace. Suitable for beginners and those wanting a gentle practice.

KRIPALU YOGA: Kripalu Yoga is a gentle class, focused on finding the bliss in any given moment. In this style of yoga practice, you will focus on your own body’s energy or “prana.” Breathing techniques, prolonged poses, and gentle concentration make this class ideal for beginners and those looking for a slower practice spending more time in poses.

PILATES: Concentrate on your body’s core muscles and building strength without excess bulk. By emphasizing proper breathing, correct spinal and pelvic alignment, and complete concentration on smooth movement, you become aware of how your body feels, where it is, and how to control its movement.

WARM VINYASA FLOW: is a dynamic combination of strength, flexibility, and balance, leveraging the gentle heat to move deeper into the poses. The class moves at a fluid pace and on the breath but offers plenty of space for modifications as well as advancements. Studio will be 82-83 degrees.

WARM VINASYA FLOW & MEDITATION: 45 min. Warm Vinyasa Flow / 15 min. Meditation, curated to help connect the body, mind and soul. You will be guided through a series of postures involving both strength and stretch, linked by fluid transitions creating balance between effort and ease. Students will cultivate an awareness of breath and the ability to tune into the present moment and deepen the connection to self. Practice will culminate in a supported and guided meditation.

SIMPLY STRETCH AND FLOW: Floor based and standing stretches that prepare the body for a moving flow of yoga poses to develop strength, flexibility and balance. Transitions are slow paced and gentle. The class includes breathing and mindfulness techniques to relax and refresh. The support of blocks, straps, bolsters, the wall or a chair allow accessibility for all fitness levels. This class is suitable for newcomers, those returning to yoga after lapsed practice and those seeking a back to basics approach.

VINYASA YOGA: Vinyasa yoga is a dynamic blend of postures and breathwork. It aims to produce relaxation, self-healing in the body and mind along with strength and balance. Join us in a warm studio which will enhance your flexibility and healing systems of the body.


YIN YOGA: Poses are held for several minutes at a time in order to stretch the connective tissue around the joints. The Yin practice includes powerful mental and emotional benefits as its practitioner becomes quiet, still, and mindful of the present. Suitable for beginners and those wanting a gentle practice.

YOGA & FUNCTIONAL MOVEMENT: This class combines functional movement with creative and intelligent yoga sequencing to improve the way we move. There is a focus on proprioception, exteroception (sensing the outside), interception (sensing the inside), nociception (how we perceive discomfort), Kinesthesia (how movement is performed) in space and how we move through space.

Mind & Body


HYDROPOWER: Improve your cardiovascular conditioning while strengthening your entire body! This is the perfect class to challenge your body using water resistance in a low impact environment.



ADK RIDE 45- 45 minute cycle ride with mind-blowing playlists, pumped up energy, volume and lighting. Instructors will take you through a class consisting of hills, sprints, jogs and power pushes.

BIKE BOOTCAMP: This class will alternate between cycle and floor segments. You'll crush bike intervals and full-body strength circuits with dumbbells and bodyweight moves. Bring sneakers and be ready to move on and off the bike.

CYCLE STRENGTH: 30 minutes of cardio on the bike followed by 30 minutes of upper body strength training and core work. It’s a perfect blend of cardio and strength.

BIKE2BARRE : A class that combines cardio with low impact strength exercises. The class begins with a powerful 30 minute cardio ride. The second 30 mins of class consists of focusing on toning the entire body through small movements and high reputations. Various equipment will be used in barre, such as bands, small weights, balls and gliders.

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