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Helping Athletes Reach Their Highest Potential
Our mission is to provide your athlete with a safe, fun, and positive training environment. They will learn how to train for sports performance and life.

Our programs are designed to improve speed, agility, strength, conditioning, and confidence! 

Below is a template of a typical performance training session. Many of our athletes are nervous to start training for performance. We are not drill sergeants, we are here to help them grow and develop as athletes.


  1. Dynamic Stretch and Warm up

  2. Speed and/or agility skills, drills, games

  3. Timed 10 yard dash and core exercises

  4. Jumps, hops, and med ball circuit

  5. Power training using Olympic lifts

  6. Resistance training–Full body movements (squats, deadlifts, pull ups, etc

  7. Conditioning– Game based or structured based on program                                                                               

Don’t hesitate to reach out about any of programming or to try a free training session.

Email Colin McCullough,


Check Out Our Youth Training Guides

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Youth Training Guides
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Colin and his team do an amazing job with middle and high school sports conditioning. It’s a great program that not only teaches them the right way to train but also Colin does a great job training the holistic athlete from stretching to fueling his/her body with the right foods. We could not be happier with the program. Many thanks for everything you do for our son!
-Melinda M


Questions about our training programs

or to book a free session

email Colin McCullough, or fill out the form below.

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