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Exercise Is Medicine:
Back Into Fitness

Fall is finally here! This is the time of year people start making their way back into fitness after summer off.


Sports and Wellness Physical Therapy and The Adirondack Club Fitness staff are collaborating again to provide a workshop on how you can avoid injuries this fall when getting started back into a fitness routine.


If you keep getting injured whenever you start a fitness routine, have a nagging injury that is impacting your fitness, or coming off an injury/surgery and looking to get started back into a health and fitness routine. 


This workshop is for you. 


You will learn about common mistakes when getting started, how to work out around injuries, how to reduce your injury risk and tips on getting back into fitness after a long lay off.  During the workshop you will be guided through warm up, core strengthening and functional training exercises to help stay injury free and get results



Thursday September 29 2022




Limited to 20

To sign up use the link below.



Contact Colin McCullough cmccullough@adirondackclub.com  or Physical Therapist Jess Pat  at jesspat108@gmail.com