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Child's Pose
Child's Pose


Whether you’re looking to boost your stamina, lose body fat, strengthen your body, or energize your soul, Group Fitness classes at The Adirondack Club are guaranteed to deliver results! With our amazing Group Exercise class schedule, you’re sure to find your perfect workout! We offer a series of Group Fitness programs carefully designed to deliver a simple, fun and effective exercise experience independent of barriers like age, gender or fitness level.  Jump into our high-energy cardiovascular workouts, such as Cycling, Zumba or Boot Camps, or dive into our popular water HydroPower workout. Want to build strength?  Sculpt is the perfect class!  Toning your thing?  Try a Pilates class or one of our popular Barre classes.  If you’re looking for a more spiritual-fitness experience, we invite you to visit one of our Mind/Body programs such as as HathaYoga, Kripalu Yoga or Vinyasa Yoga.


We are a team of over 30 fitness professionals who are all passionate about one common goal - your success! Each member of our staff is skilled, certified, and consistently strives to uphold the highest level of instruction.


Choosing your day’s workout is easy at The Adirondack Club, with four studios offering classes simultaneously. Visit our sun-lit, 2500 sq. foot main Group Fitness Studio which accommodates up to 45 participants and hosts some of the club’s favorite cardio classes. Both the Main Studio and our 1,200 sq. foot Mind/Body studio are equipped with high quality flooring material specifically designed for improved fitness results and for injury reduction as well. We also have a 1,000 sq foot Cycling Studio housing Keiser Spin bikes and a 400 square foot Pilates One-on-One Studio featuring The Reformer and The Cadillac.







  • Wear comfortable/athletic clothing such as shorts, t-shirts, light clothing.  No jeans, scrubs, skirts, or heavy clothing.

  • Studio temperatures are kept cool.  It is recommended that you wear long layers that can be removed once exercise begins.

  • Wear soft-soled, closed-toe gym shoes (except in Hydro, yoga, Pilates, barre, etc).  Sandals, heeled shoes, boots, etc., are not appropriate.

  • Wear a swimsuit for Hydro classes; a rash guard is recommended during colder months.

  • Please notify the instructor BEFORE class if it is your first time attending.  Your instructor will set you up for a safe and successful workout.

  • All first-time cyclists should arrive 10 minutes early to learn how to properly set up the bike.

  • It is strongly recommended you drink plenty of water before, during, and after class.  We encourage you to bring a water bottle.

  • Group Exercise classes are designed for adults unless specifically noted.  Classes are open to children ages 12 & 13 as long as they are accompanied by an adult.  Please see our Kids Group X class offerings for children under age 13.

  • It is important that you do a cool down and stretch before leaving class.  Please notify the instructor BEFORE class if you need to leave early.

  • Please talk to the instructor BEFORE class about any injuries or limitations so the instructor can provide you with exercise modifications.

  • If you are pregnant, taking medication, or have a medical condition that may affect your performance in class, please notify the instructor BEFORE class.

  • Please alert the instructor immediately if you become dizzy, nauseous, or extremely fatigued during class.

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