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PERSONAL TRAINING at The Adirondack Club

Accountability. Motivation. Results.


At The Adirondack Club

We know having a coach in your corner is important to long-term success in your health and fitness journey. You now have our fitness professions in your back pocket.

Our online coaching is an affordable way to get expert programming, connection with a coach, and most importantly accountability.

The ADK Training app allows our team to build programs specifically to your needs, goals, abilities, gym, and equipment access in an easy-to-use app.


Each day you can wake up knowing what you should do for training (scheduled in the app with exercise video demonstrations), get reminders of the habits and behaviors that you are working on improving, messages from your Trainer, and the accountability you need to have success.


No more following plans that don't meet your goals or just making it up as you go.


Get a plan and have a coach with you every step of the way. Use the link below to see if Online Personal Training is right for you.


Our online clients love the app and getting are lot out of it! We wanted to share some feedback we’ve recently received ...

John and Deb F say that, “Working out gives us purpose, accountability, and good health. We so appreciate everything that all of the Adirondack Club staff have been doing to keep us motivated!!!! We can’t wait to return to the gym and be part of the team again.”


Chris M told us that, “I wasn’t sure what I was going to do when the Adirondack Club closed.  I looked at some online programs but they felt impersonal with no real accountability. But Trainerize has been great!  The videos are very helpful and I also appreciate the accountability the app offers - if I skip a day my Trainer is going to see it.  Overall the experience has been a pleasant surprise!”


Gail B is another happy client.  “The app will never replace the human contact of my Trainer and fellow Trainees.  With that said, I am enjoying the fact that it continues a structured workout schedule.  I need a schedule to keep me motivated and honest in good times. I find during this isolation, it makes me feel like someone is encouraging me to workout.”

Ready to get started?

Need help deciding if online training is right for you?


Set up a Free Consultation using the button below or by

contacting our Fitness Director Colin McCullough


All of our trainers have a range of specializations and experience. Feel free to contact a specific trainer directly.  Photos and bios for our trainers are available on the Fitness, 'Our Team' page.

If you need assistance finding the trainer best suited to your needs, or have questions, please contact Colin McCullough, Fitness Director, at

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