Running Coaching

At The Adirondack Club

Learn to run efficiently and injury-free!  On the treadmill, on the road, or both. Coach Marc will teach you the foundational techniques to:

  • Run injury free

  • Make a running a healthy habit.

  • Stay accountable.

  • Simplify your training

“I know what to do... but I have a hard time staying consistent because I get injured.”

Don't get caught up on the injury, rest, physical therapy, injury cycle. Unfortunately, this is very common. The major mistakes people make is they don't work on their running technique and lack of a progressive training program.

Don't do it on your own. Let Coach Marc help you run better, run faster, and most importantly run injury free

Online Running Coaching

Make it easy. Get support. Find the right amount of accountability
Marathon in the City

Work with ADK’s Running Coach, Marc Waxman, through Online Running Training.


Using an online platform/app called Final Surge, Marc develops customized training plans for runners. Based on each runner’s current fitness and goals, the plans detail daily workouts with just right pace/effort and distance. 


The app allows for easy data sharing (your GPS-enabled devices can upload data automatically) and electronic communication so that plans can be continually updated based on real-time data. 


Here’s the stress-free part – over the past months Marc has been supporting runners with an approach to training called the Maffetone Method. What’s special about this approach is that it specifically acknowledges the impact of stress on training (and life) and intentionally adjusts to make sure that we don’t overtrain.  


This is extremely important in our current reality where maintaining a strong immune system is critical. Interested runners can use the Maffetone Method to build a strong aerobic engine and enjoy running safely while still having concrete goals (there is a very cool assessment system built into this approach). 


This approach is supportive of physical and emotional health.


**NEW! Virtual Coaching: Can’t make it to meet in person?  No problem.  Coach Marc has the ability to coach you virtually using Zoom and an iPhone!  All you need to do is send a 30 second video and set up a time to meet “online."

If interested, set up a free zoom meeting with Marc by emailing him at