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Performance Plus Drop In Training


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At The Adirondack Club

Does your middle or high school athlete have a busy and unpredictable schedule but need to get faster and stronger to compete?

If you need weekly flexibility on when your athletes train our group performance drop-in training program is for you. You get to pick your athlete's weekly training schedule based on their needs.

Get your athlete results without having to stress about fitting it all in.

We have time slots open Monday-Friday after school, evenings, and Saturday mornings.


Typical Fall, Winter and Spring Schedule *

Monday-Friday 3:15pm

Monday and Wednesday 4:45pm

Tuesday and Thursday 5:15pm

Saturdays 9:00am and 10:00am

*Schedule subject to change.

Time slots are added weekly based on demand.


This program is limited to 8 athletes per training session.

For information on pricing or to enroll email Tom Cochrane, Ben Bershad or Colin McCullough

*Weekly email is sent out on the weekends with a link to schedule your athlete's training sessions.

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Train In Our New Performance Facility!

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