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Kathy Colwell

Pilates Instructor

Kathy is extremely passionate about Pilates.  She holds numerous Pilates certifications with STOTT® Pilates including Mat and Equipment.  She continues to attend Pilates workshops to keep her teaching fresh and bring this extensive knowledge to her clients.  She is also a certified Booty Barre ® and TRX instructor, and an IDEA member. Kathy is a former elite/ full scholarship D1 collegiate gymnast and has completed 10 marathons and numerous triathlons. She is also a USA Gymnastics professional member, Safety Certified and is certified in CPR and first aid. She was first exposed to Pilates in a physical therapy office after suffering several knee injuries that were a result of her love of high impact sports.  Practicing Pilates has changed her body to be more flexible, toned, balanced and free from injury. She loves to work with people of all ages and abilities to help them to reach their fitness goals and achieve a more balanced, injury free body. 

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