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Marc Waxman

Running Coach

Marc’s mission is to help others develop their best selves. At his core, Marc is a teacher.  As an education entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience he has served in the roles of coach, teacher, school founder, school leader, and executive director.  Marc is an avid runner with regular podium finishes.  In his forties he ran a 2:51 PR in the Boston Marathon and successfully completed 50-mile ultramarathons.  Marc has been practicing ChiRunning for many years and credits it for his ability to run 2,500 injury-free miles every year. 

In recent years Marc has combined his deep education experience with his passion for running to coach a wide range of runners of all ages and abilities.  He is especially proud of his current streak of supporting individuals to successfully run their first marathon or half marathon or PR. 

Becoming a ChiRunning/ChiWalking coach is a dream come true for Marc as it allows him to share his enthusiasm and knowledge of ChiRunning with others!  Marc lives in Wrentham with his animal-lover wife and his soccer-obsessed sons. 

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